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Yard Sale

The community yard sale will be held 13-April, 2019. Donations can be made to the Yard Sale Committee, the proceeds from any items sold for over $100 dollars will be spilt between the donor and the committee.

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Yard Sale

Yard Sale

This year’s Yard Sale will be held on 13-April, 2019, and will be located on the East side of the parking garage. The social committee is looking for donations. If you feel it’s time to upgrade your furniture, bikes and other miscellaneous items, contact River Dance Association Manager for details.
This event is being hosted by the Social Committee, feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

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Be sure to register your pets!

Your pets are an important part of your family, so be sure to register them on the website.  By doing so they will be visible in the pet directory which your neighbors can use to get him or her back home in the event they get away without your knowledge.

If he or she does get away and you do know about it, you can tag your loved one as lost.  A lost pet appears on the Newsboard so your neighbors can be on the look out. To register your pet, fill out the following form and send it to the Association Manager

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